There has never been and never will be another Elvis emulator like Johnny Harra. The magic of "The King" still lives on through the musical stylings of Mr. Harra. Seeing him in concert is the closest some generations will ever come to experiencing the magic Elvis conveyed to his audiences. Some say his spirit lives on in Johnny. Ever since Johnny was 11 years old people have noticed his uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley, from the face, lips and hair to his voice and mannerisms. Their upbringing and roots were almost identical too. Johnny's mother Naomi strongly resembles Elvis's mother Gladys, and his daughter Lisa Marie looks so much like Elvis's daughter that the National Enquirer accidentally switched their pictures in one article. With so much in common it is no surprise that Johnny has paid tribute to Elvis by emulating his music for 40 years now.

LaVon hits the road with an uncompromising vision of what entertainment is all about. An electrifying entertainer and impressionist, LaVon rocks with his Las Vegas-style show.

Highlights of an evening include impressions of James Brown, Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Prince, Johnny Taylor, Ray Charles, and many more "Oldies but Goodies." His James Brown Tribute Show is receiving rave reviews.

LaVon easily crosses from R&B to Blues to pop to rock to Country. LaVon also performs his own music from his CD "Extremely Satisfied". His time is spent writing songs and perfecting his shows. From children to mature adults, he touches the soul. He has won many contests and awards. People are drawn to his warm and energetic personality. He cares and lets the audience know it.

Multi-talented and versatile, LaVon has earned a seventh degree Black Belt in the Martial Arts. LaVon said, "the dedication and discipline has been an asset to my stage performance. There is room at the top of the music industry and I plan on going to the top."

LaVon works with your vision for the perfect show. Never before on stage have you seen anything like him. He uplifts and inspires. He blazes trails of happiness everywhere he goes. He has a million watt smile and a "can-do" attitude.

LaVon believes in miracles. Being the kind person he is, he truly appreciates all the love and acclaim he receives.

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